Story with Heart

Susan Joop talks about her unexpected heart attack and understanding personal risk factors.

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Surgery offers Hope

Kaytlyn Marshall speaks from personal experience: Surgery offers hope for young patients with knee injuries.

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Celebrating Diversity

Mayor Amarjeet Sohi and City Council are celebrating diversity and language in Edmonton.

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Dear Readers,

Three years after the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic in the spring of 2020, there are still people getting infected, suffering from the disease, and dying around the world. So far, about 630,000 people in Alberta were infected, and 5,622 have lost their lives, but most have recovered and survived. There is always a new variant of the virus, and scientists are trying to develop new vaccines which are more effective, have less side effects, and save lives.

Meanwhile, spring is in the air after another long winter in Canada. The days are getting longer again, especially since we switched to Daylight Saving Time on March 12, the snow is melting, and March 20 is the “official” first day of spring. The greenhouses are getting ready to sell plants and seeds and tools for the gardening season, and the next time we turn around, it will be so hot in Alberta that we need to switch on our air conditioner.

And politically, spring will also start soon in Alberta with the governing United Conservative Party and the opposing New Democratic Party competing to form the next Government of Alberta after the provincial election on May 29. Good luck with that one!

Enjoy the warmer weather!

Arnim Joop 
Publisher & Editor

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