Inclusive garden

Volunteers in Mill Woods have created a community garden which is fully accessible and inclusive.

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Filipino curriculum

The Alberta NDP promises to develop a Filipino curriculum for schools that are interested

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New tool against hate

The City of Edmonton develops a new tool to help fight against hate in our city.

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Dear Readers,

Almost three years after the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic in the spring of 2020, there are still people getting infected, suffering from the disease, and dying around the world. So far, about 625,000 people in Alberta were infected, and 5,443 have lost their lives, but most have recovered and survived. There is always a new variant of the virus, and scientists are trying to develop new vaccines which are more effective, have less side effects, and save lives.

After Christmas and New Year’s celebrations, which always include a lot of eating, many people are trying again to exercise more and eat healthier, so the fitness centres are busy, but it remains to be seen how long these good resolutions will last. Some people tend to go from one extreme to the other instead of leading a life of moderation all year round.

Politically, 2023 will be an important year for the people of Alberta with the provincial election to be held on May 29. This will be a good opportunity for those of us who are not happy with the present government to vote for change. In Canada, we have the right to vote, so we should use that right and participate in the democratic process.

Have a good year!

Arnim Joop 
Publisher & Editor

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