CFL Hall of Famer and Alberta’s former Lieutenant Governor Norman Kwong is featured in a new “Heritage Minute.”

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Kittlitz Park in The Meadows is named after Karl and Anna Kittlitz who farmed land in this area.

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Hypnotist Wayne Lee provided excellent entertainment at MCARFA’s “Winter Break Celebration.”

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Dear Readers,

The worst part is over! After some brutally cold days and nights in January, the weather is quite mild now, and I am able to do my daily walks in our neighbourhood again, and the days are getting longer. I have read once that Alberta has more than 200 sunny days per year, but on some of these sunny days the temperature is minus or even minus 30 degrees Celsius. However, I prefer sunshine and blue sky – even if it is cold – over gloomy and rainy weather like in Vancouver, because it is uplifting.

Not so uplifting is the political controversy over “parental rights” and “children’s rights’ in Alberta. The provincial government wants to implement new policies and guidelines relating to transgender young people and other children and youth, but there is a lot of opposition against this proposed legislation. Legal experts and the Alberta Medical Association have raised concerns about the government’s plans and are asking the province to reconsider policy changes affecting transgender youth. This issue has become a political football, and both sides claim that they are “deeply concerned” about the well-being of children and youth and care for them. Please read my thoughts on page 4 of the Feb. 15 issue.

Happy Family Day!

Arnim Joop 
Publisher & Editor

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