Colorful Parade

Thousands of people participated in the annual Vaisakhi Nagar Kirtan Sikh Parade on May 22.

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Canada Day in Mill Woods

After a two-year break, the Canada Day celebration returns to Mill Woods Park on July 1.

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Saying Goodbye

A couple married 65 years was brought together in the COVID-19 unit of Grey Nuns Hospital.

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Dear Readers,

Since the Government of
Alberta has lifted all
COVID-19 restrictions,
Albertans are free to gather
for small and large events
indoors and outdoors, and wedon’t see many people wear-
ing protective masks any-
more. That is good news,because these restrictions
have limited our activities
considerably more than two
years. But we should not be
overconfident, because when
Premier Jason Kenney
declared one year ago that
Alberta would be “Open for
Summer”, it backfired badly,
because it was too early, and
the COVID-19 infection and
hospitalization numbers
climbed again in the fall of2021.

So, let’s continue to be
careful and cautious, but let’s
enjoy the summer of 2022.
Let’s celebrate Canada Day
on July 1 at Mill Woods
Park, let’s go out and meet
family and friends whom we
haven’s seen in more than
two years, let’s visit those
farms outside of Edmonton
where we can pick fresh
strawberries which are much
better than the crap at the
supermarkets, and let’s have
a barbecue and watch the
beautiful moon and the stars
late at night. It doesn’t take
much and doesn’t have to
cost much to have a good
time in Edmonton, Alberta,

Stay safe and healthy.

Arnim Joop 
Publisher & Editor

Copyright 2022 - Mill Woods Mosaic - All Rights Reserved