Fostering inclusion

Fostering multiculturalism and inclusion is key to building a better Alberta for all, says MLA Jasvir Deol.

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More space to play

The Edmonton South Soccer Centre has received two more indoor sports fields.

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Meet your new firefighters

37 new firefighters have joined the Edmonton Fire Rescue Services team.

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Dear Readers,

Welcome back to the Canadian winter! After a record warm October (there is no global warming, of course!), winter arrived in Edmonton on Nov. 2 with a hefty snowfall, and it got pretty cold right away. There were more than 400 collisions in our city on the first day with snow, mostly because drivers didn’t slow down and adjust their driving to the hazardous road conditions. We are playing this game every winter although Canadians should know by now that we don’t have summer all year round in this country.

Politically, we have also arrived in a treacherous season in Alberta. Our new Premier Danielle Smith, says that “Alberta is worth fighting for”, which sounds like our province is under attack, but we haven’t seen any Russian tanks rolling through the streets of Edmonton or schools and hospitals being bombed by the enemy. The NDP opposition says that it is our own government attacking our schools and hospitals with its attempts to privatize healthcare and education in Alberta. We will see in May of next year if there will be a political spring in Alberta, when Albertans will vote in the next provincial election, and it remains to be seen if that will be good news or bad news for our province.

Happy Autumn!

Arnim Joop 
Publisher & Editor

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