Artist in Residence

Calgary-based award-winning singer and songwriter Joal Kamps will be Alberta’s new Artist in Residence.

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Positive aura

J. Percy Page High School still has a positive aura during COVID-19, says new Assistant Principal Treena Gallant-Plouffe.

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Time to learn new skills

Not everybody is equipped well to cope with the COVID-19 pandemic, says Sharanpal Sandhu.

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Dear Readers:

Welcome to the new website of our multicultural community newspaper for southeast Edmonton! When I founded the Mill Woods Mosaic in 2008, I decided to publish this newspaper in the traditional form of a printed publication, and I didn't have a website in the beginning. That's when Graham Hicks, a columnist with the Edmonton Sun, wrote: "Arnim Joop is either a dinosaur or cutting-edge."

In the more than 11 years since then, I have not only published and edited this newspaper every month but also distributed the paper to more than 250 locations in Mill Woods and the Meadows. This was always a great opportunity to connect with our community directly and find out what's new.

But now, in this time of the coronavirus health crisis, I am not able to do this, because I have to stay home and do my part to slow down the spread of this virus. So, now is the time for the dinosaur to enter the 21st century and have a website, so people in Mill Woods and the Meadows can still read the newspaper every month.

I hope you will enjoy reading the Mill Woods Mosaic on your computer, laptop, tablet or smartphone and find out what's new in southeast Edmonton. I would be happy to receive your feedback. Please
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